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The Nature of Trauma

Our bodies and brains are made to process new information and experiences every day without our even being aware of it. Here’s the exception — when we are jolted by an overwhelming event like a car accident or repeatedly distressed from neglect or abuse, our natural coping mechanism shuts down. As a result, these traumatic […]

Renown Author and Psychologist Louis Cozolino, PhD

On Saturday, November 14, 2015 from 9 to 4 pm, renown author and psychologist Louis Cozolino, PhD will be presenting a workshop Therapeutic Approaches to Address Attachment-Related Learning and Behavioral Challenges. The workshop will take place at Franklin Educational Services, 11777 San Vicente Blvd., Ste. 129, Los Angeles, CA 90049. The workshop will be strictly limited to the first […]

Thank You International Dyslexia Association, Los Angeles

Thank you to the International Dyslexia Association for putting on such an informative, well run conference this past Saturday, May 2nd, at UCLA. Language and Learning 2015 enlisted a wonderful set of speakers this year, including author/consultant/dyslexia specialist Louisa Moats, Ed. D.; pediatric neurophsychologist Rita Eichenstein, Ph.D.; and Lev Gottlieb, Ph.D., UCLA pediatric neuropsychologist. I am […]

Teen Stressors

The teen years are typically filled with stress due to the rapid physical, cognitive and emotional changes adolescents undergo. What stresses teens is often different than what stresses adults. Teen Stressors: Social awkwardness Being bullied Academic pressures Managing an overfilled schedule Self consciousness about physical appearance Peer pressure to use alcohol and drugs Dramatic physical […]

Save the Date: Explore Attachment Based Teaching 6/19 + 6/20/2015

As a part of Campbell Hall Summer Institute, Lou Cozolino, Ph.D., Daniel Franklin, Ph.D., and Peter Murphy, Ph.D. will be conducting a 2-day workshop for teachers, clinicians and school administrators: Explore Attachment-Based Teaching. Tuition is $420.00. Students receive a 50% discount. MFTs and LCSWs receive 14 CEUs, BBS Provider Number PCE 5493. For more information, please […]

Stress: An Alternative Explanation for Common Learning and Behavioral Challenges

Breakout Session with Dr. Peter Murphy and Dr. Daniel Franklin at the Language and Learning Conference, May 2, 2015 – UCLA Carnesale Commons Drawing on the latest findings from the fields of social neuroscience, psychology, and education, this presentation will explore the biological mechanisms of stress and identify how stress impacts learning and behavior. In addition, […]

The ABCs of Learning Challenges (Part 2)

Academic Skill Deficits 1. Dyslexia, or reading difficulties, effects about 80% of children with learning challenges. They may have difficulty decoding words, reading fluently, as well as comprehending text. Writing may also be difficult, which includes organizing thoughts, putting ideas into sequence and using grammar, punctuation and spelling appropriately. 2. Dyscalculia, or difficulty with math, is also […]